Our Mission:


Connecticut AccessABLE works with community partners to engage in meaningful comprehensive evaluation and support services.  We use your field based expertise combined with related research in order to empower while building local capacity to identify desired outcomes and develop paths to success that align with your school, district or program strategic plans.  When we can access, we are able!  


It all started when…

CT AccessABLE was created out of a need to create meaningful understanding of data and how to think about data in a growing landscape of accountability.  We hear a lot about data in the news, we talk a lot about data in our day to day lives, but we often forget what makes these data in the first place. 

In terms of education and our youth, it is critical to remember that behind every single data point is a student and everything that impacts a student’s experiences. The pressing issues are how do we best think about and improve the feelings, attitudes, behaviors, experiences and related outcomes of our students, thereby changing or improving our data?  At CT AccessABLE, we work together with you to pinpoint outcomes you are hoping to change, identify core areas of concern and strength and work to create a meaningful collaboration that is as unique as your school, district or program.


Our Services

At CT AccessABLE, we work hard to make sure that all of those things that make us crazy as educators become a lot more manageable. We work with our partners to design change maps; understand local measurement and evaluation; design instruments specific to your needs; and provide professional development services tailored to your needs.


change map development

Change Maps balance both logic models and theories of change.  In other words, Change Maps help us to see where we want to be and how to get there.  A Change Map development process makes a visual representation of the alignment across all that is critical to consider in the process of making meaningful, lasting change. 


instrument design

It is not unusual to think how crazy it might seem that we are talking about instruments when it comes to this kind of work. As much as I love ukulele, in this case, we are not talking about designing that kind of instrument. Instrument design services provided by CT AccessABLE are inclusive of examining your needs and if there is not a readily accessible instrument that measures what is important to you, we will build one together.

program evaluation & measurement

CT AccessABLE conducts program evaluation partnerships by carefully considering your needs and developing a collaborative evaluation plan.  Also, measurement makes most of us cringe, but the reality is that if we want to make meaningful change, we need to know where we stand and how to get to where we want to go. Measurement can sometimes be an after thought to program implementation; however, it is essential to be able to demonstrate change as well as accountability.  CT AccessABLE helps you to embrace data, measurement and evaluation rather than run and hide at the mere mention of data.


professional development

At CT AccessABLE, we understand the importance of professional development. We strongly believe that your needs are what is important and will work with you to design professional development that is relevant to your needs. Examples include social emotional learning, academic identity development, trauma informed approach and more.



About Connecticut AccessABLE's Founder

Danielle A. Rathey, Ph.D. earned her doctoral degree in Educational Psychology.  She is currently an Adjunct Professor at New York University and at Southern Connecticut State University where she teaches graduate courses in program development and evaluation as well as assessment.

Prior to earning her doctorate, Danielle worked as a School Psychologist here in Connecticut. She worked primarily with youth referred out of their home districts due to intensive behavioral and mental health needs.  Central foci of her work for the past eleven years have been trauma and its effects as well as creating integrated social emotional learning programs aligning with school and district strategic plans.

When working as a School Psychologist, she immediately began to see inequities inspiring her to return to graduate school to pursue a degree which could afford her the opportunity to position herself as a leader toward closing opportunity and achievement gaps in addition to addressing the whole student!

She has a long history of a commitment to social justice and empowerment of underrepresented populations. She has committed herself to working in urban, high poverty environments toward sustainable practices that yield competitive outcomes. She has a strong focus on advocating for systemic equity in education in terms of access to resources to provide opportunity for all students. This focus requires and encourages a high level of collaboration, creativity, persistence and belief that students can succeed.

She has led evaluation planning and program evaluation in order to inform innovation and intervention development and implementation. Working collaborations related to program evaluation and support yields long term relationships that promote success.  


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